After years I finally caved and lost my spray tan virginity. Getting a spray tan is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but I could never bring myself to do it. I did some research on Google and instantly Yelped a place nearby and made a last-minute appointment to get spray tanned before my upcoming trip. Since this was my first time getting a spray tan I thought I would share a few tips on what to do before and after your session.


  • I highly recommend that you shower and shave the day before your session. EXFOLIATING is very important because it will make the tan last longer. Use an oil-free scrub or bath mitts with a mild shower gel and avoid Dove products! If you are washing your hair, do this before exfoliating.
  •  Do not apply any lotions, deodorants or other products after showering. These products can act as a barrier making the tan less effective.
  • Manicure/pedicures should be completed before your session. Soaking hands or feet afterward may diminish the tan.
  • Hair appointments should be completed before your session.
  • Eyelash extensions should be completed before your session! During your session, you can request for a light spray near the eyelashes to avoid ruining them.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes to the appointment. Tight clothing can rub or smear bronzers, especially around the knees, elbows, chest, and waist.


  • Your tan will continue to develop and get darker over the next 24 hours.
  • For a regular spray tan, you need to wait 12 hours before you shower. DO NOT USE SOAP, warm water rinse only! If you are waiting the full 24 hours, shower with a mild shower gel and apply with your hands. Avoid Dove products.
  • If you are getting a Rapid Tan (aka an express tan), be sure to rinse 1-4 hours. DO NOT EXCEED 4 HOURS. Rinse until the water runs clear.
  • During the first rinse, you will see a lot of color come off, this is just the instant bronzer. You will see excellent results after!
  • When showering regularly, use only a mild pH balancing shower gel and apply with your hands. Do not use scrubs, shower poufs or bar soaps, as these will strip away your sunless color. Dove products should NOT be used. Pat dry after.
  • After showering, moisturize daily with a mineral oil-free body lotion. Hydrated healthy skin retains the tan longer! 
  • If you are planning on working out or going to the gym, do this after your first rinse.
  • If you are sleeping in your freshly spray tan, wear long loose fitting clothes to sleep in to avoid touching your tan and waking up with tan hands.

I hope these tips help you get through your first spray tan! I will be working on another post with my self-tanner experience. Stay tuned!



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