The sprinkles pool has completely dominated social media all summer long and it’s still going strong!

The Museum of Ice Cream finally arrived in Los Angeles and opened its door to the public April 22. The exhibit has 10 colorful themed installations spread across a cool warehouse space located in Arts District (2018 East 7th Place). This post was long overdue, but I was one of the lucky ones that received a media invite to check it out before anyone else.

As the journey through the ice cream museum begins, you are simply greeted with a single piece of chocolate at the door—pick a golden one and you can grab something for free from the gift shop.

The first room (pink, of course) was filled with old pay phones. You pick up the phone, and the Ice Cream Fairy who sounds like Seth Rogen welcomes you and invites you to scream for ice cream! I simply stayed on the phone for about 10 mins and decided to move on to the next… The call was simply just too long! LOLS

Next, in the California room, they serve scoops from a different California creamery every week, in front of “Venice Cream” kind of similar to the “Venice Beach” sign near the boardwalk. We indulged in a salted caramel ice cream from McConnell’s and jumped on a little trampoline on the floor below the “ice cream” mural (perfect for a boomerang/photo).

From there, things go bananas as you walk past the banana scratch-and-sniff wallpaper that surrounds a swing set. This leads into the hanging banana room that features hundreds of bananas split in half by color, half of them yellow and the other pink.

Next, you make your way into the mint garden room with real mint being grown in a bed of cocoa soil. The delicious-smelling section is the setting of mochi mint ice cream that was given out to the guest. This was my favorite ice cream from all the ones I ate here.


After all that mint, the museum heads to a more colorful and refreshing flavor: sherbet. With neon lights and rainbow artwork, this room was a colorful dream. The room right next to it pays homage to summer days when you’re enjoying a scoop of ice cream and it begins to melt in your hands. While this moment is usually not pleasant, The Museum of Ice Cream manages to turn it into art (cool huh???). This room is designed by an artist named Keith Magruder and features giant popsicles forged into the wall, giving the impression that they are melting.

The next few rooms were less about ice cream and more focused on the toppings that complete the treat- gummy bears to be specific. This room features extra-large gummy bear statues and each guest received a scoop of gummy bears.

Guests then walk into a charcoal cookie dough room with an artistic centerpiece of a classical Greek statue of a head with ice cream on top of its face.

From there you’re led into the next room and also a favorite amongst all guest of the museum, the sprinkles pool. The pool comes equipped with floaties, beach, balls and a diving board. In this room you’re limited to 3 minutes inside the sprinkles pool so make sure to take your photos quick before time runs out.

Then like most museums, this one has you exit through the gift shop, which is also the last room to enjoy your last free ice sample: a pancake ice cream sandwich. This sounded really weird to me at first, but it was surprisingly really good! At this point, I think I consumed more than a weeks worth of sugar but it was definitely worth it!

The Museum of Ice Cream isn’t a traditional museum. You won’t learn a ton about ice cream history or anything like that but it’s frickin’ delicious and fun. The ticket is $29 for adults and $18 for kids, the price for this is a bit high but the experience is well worth it.


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