Introducing My Little Sister To Bitsbox

A few weeks ago my little sister turned 11 years old, and I seriously couldn’t believe how big she is now. Every year I usually head straight to the mall and get her either clothes, shoes , or  gift cards (mainly from the Apple store upon her request), but this year I decided to get her something educational instead. I wanted to get her something fun (so that she enjoys it) while still learning something new. After doing some research I decided to get her a Bitsbox monthly subscription, which is a subscription service that delivers monthly coding projects for kids and teaches them how to build real apps for real devices, which was perfect for ages 6-12. If you’re interested to see how it works along with our thoughts then keep on reading. 

    After reading how the subscription box worked I was beyond excited to open the first box with my little sister! To be honest with you, we didn’t know what to expect, and as soon as we opened the box she was so ecstatic to go through everything that was inside. The box was filled with so much stuff, you guys can see everything in the layout below.

    The concept was simple, my little sister looked through the material to pick an app (Every box comes with dozens of coding projects, ranging from simple to more advanced). She then types the app into the Bitsbox website (You can start with the code from the book, then change it to make it your own). She then starts coding her app and about 20 mins later she was able to complete the app and start playing her game (Bitsbox apps run on any computer, tablet, or phone with a web browser).

    After going through a first app with her, she took it upon herself to finish coding the rest throughout the day. This was something she really enjoyed since it was so interactive. I felt good giving her this gift where she will be able to share with her friends and show off a thing or two about what she learned. Bitsbox is such a great concept and were so excited to get the next monthly subscription box soon. If you’re interested in Bitsbox then head to their website to learn more! This will make the perfect gift for any child in your life!

    BitsBox said, they approach coding like learning any other language; that is, the earlier you start, the easier it will be. In order to accomplish this, the company wants to feature a huge number of projects across all skill levels, so your child will never get bored and will look forward to getting their box in the mail each month. As such, BitsBox wants to be “the friendliest way for kids to learn to become programmers,” regardless of what they want to be when they grow up. In the very near future, understanding programming languages will be an essential skill that your child will need to master in order to compete in the global marketplace. 
    Although this post was sponsored by Bitsbox, all ideas and opinions stated here are my own!

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