Easily Per-Sueded with Zappos x Clarks

Clarks Breccan Shine Booties – Clarks via Zappos
Kicking off Fall weather in Los Angeles (finally) by partnering up with  Zappos and Clarks on today’s post. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the company Zappos right? If not let me give you guys a quick rundown of the company. They’re an online site that sells shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories (pretty much your one stop shop for everything).  They offer a wide range of brands including one of my favorite Clarks. Believe it or not, Clarks is pretty hard to find in stores for some odd reason my size is usually sold out every time I’m slightly interested in a pair of shoes. Lets just say I’m the type of person that doesn’t let things go easily especially when it comes to good shoes! 
Every season I let myself buy no more than 3 pairs of new shoes that I will wear religiously. I quickly do my research, check all the new arrivals for my favorite brands, and then I narrow down my top 3 favorite styles and colors. I then quickly google some images to see if any bloggers, models, or celebrities have been seen wearing them. After doing all that I check my local store to see if it’s available to try on. My ultimate deal breaker is how the shoes will look on me, along with the fit, comfort, and quality! As you can see I put a lot of thought into each item (especially if it’s at a high price point) before purchasing ALWAYS!
After searching high and low at my mall from department stores to the actual Clarks store and had no luck in finding these Clarks Breccan Shine booties that I had my eye on. The bootie was perfect, it has soft suede material with straps and stud detail (for an edgier look) which I loved so much.  I quickly hopped on my phone to check Zappos.com to see if they carried it and lucky for me it was in stock! Now for the hard part, choosing a color between the three (black, navy, or Aubergine which is a burgundy like color) that was available (insert thinking face emoji….). Zappos made online shopping such an easy experience with product photos, a 360 video going into details of the boot (just like a sales rep would in store), and a detailed description of the item that can all be found on the site. The best part about Zappos is they offer 365 days return policy, that’s pretty much an entire year to decide if the shoes are right for you. Not to mention the fast and free shipping that they offer, and if you’re impatient like me Zappos offers one-day shipping. I placed my order and received my shoes the next business day, crazy right?!?! 
As soon as I received them I threw them on (to make sure they fit) and wore them out that same day for lunch. My outfit consisted of my usual everyday staples, and since I wanted to add a pop of color to my look I thought these Aubergine booties did the trick. As you all know I’m usully a black bootie type of girl but these were too good to pass up. Plus I thought it would be a nice change to buy something out of my comfort zone. Thoughts on my new booties? Also let me know how you guys would wear them! 
This holiday season I’ll be doing most of my shopping on Zappos (since I hate crowded areas) for all my friends and family. Zappos has sold me on their generous return policy of 365 days as well as the fast and free shipping they offer! Anything that’s hassle-free during the holidays is a winning situation in my books. The holiday’s are around the corner so its not too early to start planning =D. 
While this post is sponsored by Zappos, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own!

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