Dress – ACNE // Jacket – Zara // Shoes – Puma // Watch – KYOBE // Bag – Henri Bendel // Sunglasses – Chili Bean
Hi guys! So I recently got back from a quick trip to New York. I was literally only there for the weekend to attend a few shows, visit some showrooms, and meet up with some of my favoirte New Yorkers. This year I originally planned to skip out on NYFW since I already planned an international trip with some of my friends. These countries have been on the top of my list and when we all sat down to plan it out I immediately dropped all my fashion week plans, but last minute I got offered an opportunity to go for a few days to attend shows and of course I said yes! I was super excited to squeeze in what I can in those few days and within 72 hours I have a pretty productive trip. 
On Thursday night I took the red-eye to NYC and landed around 9am. I quickly hopped into my uber and headed straight to the hotel to check in. We arrived to the city around 1030am and as soon as I was able to check in I immediately did my makeup and got dressed right away to start heading out to showrooms. I was able to stop by 2 showrooms (to check out new brands for clothing/product) and I also had 2 events to go to that night as well. I probably didn’t sleep for about 24 hours and as soon as I got back to the room I went to sleep right away since I was so exhausted. 
I woke up the next day fully energized and ready to start my day! I wore a super casual outfit (since I wanted to be comfy) and immediately headed to my first show with KYBOE to start my day. 
KYBOE was such a fun and upbeat show that had such beautiful models and great music. The watch company showcased some of their best watches in such a creative way for a runway show. I really enjoyed myself and was able to take some photos (since I was front row).
After the show I wanted to get my usual Halal Guys & Momofuku Milk & Cereal soft serve with the crunch. I don’t know why I like this combination so much but every time I’m in the city I have to get it at least once. 
Its day 4 of fashion week and also my last day in the city. My flight wasn’t until night so I was able to squeeze in one last show in the morning and I was so excited to be heading backstage with TOME and also attending their show for the first time. This was also my first time going backstage and boy was it chaotic. I seriously didn’t know what to expect. I arrived and popped into each tent to see whats behind it. I got to meet some of the models, as well as learn the secret to applying skincare products to achieve a matte look. I also got to see Mac cosmetic work their magic on all the models and get them ready for the show. This process takes about 2-3 hours and after all that it was finally show time! 
I just wanted to thank the KYOBE team and the Aveda team for having me at these shows and giving me the opportunity to attend. 

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