Meet My New HP Spectre!

For the next few months I’m going to be traveling quite a bit and with my hectic schedule I think it’s time that I invest in a lighter laptop that’s travel friendly. I’ve been on the market for a thinner laptop for quite some time now and I recently stumbled upon the HP Spectre (“power never looked so thin”). I read some reviews for it and when HP reached out to partner with me, I instantly decided to go with it. 
I received my HP Spectre in the mail and as soon as I opened it I was so impressed with the packaging. The box was black and very minimal (which I loved!) and as soon as I opened the box I instantly fell in love with the sleek design in a dark ash color with rose gold finish details. This featherweight laptop is about 13 inches diagonally, 10.4mm in thickness, and weighs about 2.45 pounds (crazy right?). Even thought this laptop is compact it actually offers an insane amount of battery life. Being on the go is part of my daily lifestyle and with this laptop having about 9 hours in battery life, it makes blogging from anywhere a little bit easier. Having a mobile office is great but worrying about my battery life? Not so much. I like that fact that I can get my work done without having to always fight someone for an outlet. 
I’m so exited to take my new laptop on trips with me. I look foward to using this laptop more and seeing what the HP Spectre has to offer. I will report back with a follow up soon. 

While this post is sponsored by HP, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own!


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