Hello Tokyo!

Trench – Black Swan // Top – Lulu*s // Jeans – ASOS // Booties – Charles David
Konichiwa! (or good day in Japanese!) I’m writing to you guys from my little Air BnB in Tokyo! If you guys keep up with me on social media then you already know that I’m currently on an Asia trip where I’ll be hopping to 3 different countries in 2 weeks. I decided to plan this last minute international trip with some friends and since they had some vacation days to put in before the year ends we decided to hit 3 countries. The last time I went on an international trip was back in 2009 (and that was with family). So far it has been such a different experience traveling with friends (in a good way of course!).
After a pretty long flight (probably 18+ hours) we finally touched down in Japan. Traveling an entire day is pretty exhausting along with finding your way to the city (with a language barrier). Good thing I was traveling with 2 friends that’s been to Japan before and somewhat spoke the language (well enough to get around). We arrived in Shibuya (where we were staying) around 1pm and checked into our airBNB. I highly suggest you guys look into renting an airBnB if you plan on traveling with 3 or more people, and if your trip exceeds over 3 days (this was you’ll be saving a lot of money). Our place was close to the train station (so we saved a lot of money on transportation, and we didn’t have to walk as far), we were also close to many restaurants (that opened 24 hrs), and convenience stores (for coffee, water, and snacks). When traveling you guys need to map out what’s nearby to make your stay more efficient! 
After checking in we immediately went downstairs to walk around and explore. The first thing I wanted to do was walk by the famous Shibuya crossing. I’ve seen this crossing in videos before and wanted to see for myself the sea of people, and to my surprise, it was exactly that every single time. I tried my best to snap some photos of my crossing but there’s way too many people (and they were walking fast). I guess people are on the go here just like New York city. 
Alright guys, I’m off to do more exploring of this beautiful city and I will be back to my usual posting schedule soon this week! Thanks for reading guys! and BTW I’m currently curating a few giveaways for my readers once I’m back in Los Angeles, so make sure you guys drop a comment and say Hi (I might be sending you guys some surprises in the mail =D).

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  1. September 27, 2016 / 4:57 am

    ugh i'm so in love with these pics!!!!! can't wait for all the other tokyo/japan photos. i'm so excited for when i get to go


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