Hello Brooklyn

I decided to take a little breather from all the fashion week madness and spend the day in Brooklyn. I decided to meet up a friend for a pizza lunch date (since I’ve been craving a New York slice) and since I had time to kill before we met up I decided to walk around Brooklyn. I started by walking through the Brooklyn Bridge (and of course I snapped a few photos) and after crossing it I decided to walk to my favorite spot to take a photo in Dumbo. I realized I still had about an hour left I decided to look at a map to see where else I can go. I then realized I was near Brooklyn Park (which was on my list of places to go) and I didn’t realize it was just a block over. The park was huge and probably offers one of the best skyline views of New York City.

First Street Pizza
80 Front St, Brooklyn NY 11201

After all that Walking I decided to meet my friend at this pizza place to enjoy one last slice before I head to the airport. I was really sad to be leaving the city, but I’m very excited to be going on my next adventure in a few days. Make sure you guys follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to.


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