The Salk Institute

Top – Brandy Melville // Joggers – Lucy Activewear (indiGo line) // Jacket – Members Only // Shoes – Zara // Sunglasses – Quay x Desi Perkins
As I get older I learn so much about my style and what my “go to staples” are. I like having key pieces sitting in my closet that I can gravitate towards if I’m in a rush. Today was one of those days where I had to get up early, pick up my friend Randy and head out to San Diego from Los Angeles. We had a full itinerary planned out the week of and we were ready to explore San Diego and see what it has to offer.

After 2-3 hours in the car our first stop was Salk Institute to check out their beautiful architecture. Its one of those places that I wanted to see in person and take it all in. We decided to look it up and was so sad to see that it was closed for the weekend, but we decided to stop by and see it anyways. We arrived and it was just nothing short but amazing. Everything about this place was so beautiful and we couldn’t believe something like this existed. We walked around and thought that this place made the perfect backdrop for my outfit so we snapped away. After shooting for about 10 mins we were approached by security guards and was kicked out instantly for “trespassing” (this is a daily struggle of bloggers and photographers!). Before leaving we snuck in a couple of last shots and left as soon as he warned us a second time. Overall I think we were pretty happy with how the photos turned out.


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