Summer Guiltless Pleasure

While this post is sponsored by thinkThin┬«, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own!

Summer wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t spend at least one day at the beach. Since I live in Los Angeles I actually have the luxury of going to the beaches whenever I want (since its only a 30 min drive). During the summer I find myself wanting to  stay active, and since the weather is so great I like to plan fun activities to do. Bike riding has been at the top of my list lately, and theres nothing better then spending a day at the beach with friends and family while soaking up some vitamin D.
On a random Monday I decided to clear my schedule and take my little sisters to the beach, and of course I had to bring my dog as well. We arrived at the beach close to noon and went straight to the bike rentals to rent some cure beach cruisers to ride around the beach. We decided to bike from Venice boardwalk all the way to Santa Monica Pier which usually takes about 30 mins or so if you don’t take breaks. The bike ride was super simple for them and it seemed like they enjoyed it a lot. This is probably one of my favorite things to do during the summer time and in a way you can say this is my summer guiltless pleasure. 
Since we were spending the entire day at the beach I wanted to be prepared with a backpack full of stuff. I wanted to share what I brought with me and maybe this will help you on you next trip to the beach. 
– Sunscreen (this is a given! make sure you reapply every 80 mins or so to prevent getting sunburned)
– Sunglasses (to protect your eyes)
– Water (you have to stay hydrated!)
– A beach towl
– Doggie treats (for my dog of course)
– Protein bars/snacks, my favorites are thinkThin┬« High Protein Bars in Brownie Crunch.


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  1. October 11, 2016 / 9:44 am

    The photos are so cool!!!

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