Salvation Mountain

Top & Skirt – Band of Gypsies // Hat – Forever 21 // Booties – ASOS
Today I wanted to start the week off on a colorful note and share with you guys my last set that I shot with my friend Linc at Salvation Mountain a few weeks ago. Although you guys probably couldn’t tell from these photos by we were dying a little bit from the heat. The weather was so hot (probably around 115 degrees) and so dry that it was hard to move without being uncomfortable. Not gonna lie we were regretting coming to the desert that day but as soon as we saw how amazing this place was we kind of ignored the heat for a little bit and jumped right into shooting at the location. Prior to coming here I didn’t know what to expect but from all the photos floating around on the internet, it just looked so amazing I had to drive out (almost 3 hours) just to see this place for myself and it was definitely worth it! This is probably one of our favorite locations to shoot at in the desert and we can’t wait to come back soon. If you guys plan on coming here I suggest that you guys come when it’s a lot cooler so taking pictures wouldn’t be so much of a challenge. I hope you guys enjoyed theses photos and keep following my blog to see where I’m headed to next! 


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