Checked In: The Hilton Garden Inn Hollywood

Hilton Garden Inn Hollywood
2005 Highland Ave, Los Angeles CA 90068

I’ve been so stressed out lately with work that I needed a staycation at a hotel. Sometimes I like to getaway from everything at home and just clear my head and recollect my thoughts. I guess this is somewhat like a reset button for me.

I decided to check into the Hilton Garden Inn located in Hollywood for the day. I just wanted a calm place to relax and work out of. Theres just something about a hotel room with the air conditioner blasting, and room service that just does it for me.


I arrived at the Hilton Inn and was greeted by the staff with some refreshing strawberry lemonade in the lobby. The check in was quick and within minutes I received my keycard for the room. The room was very spacious and offered enough lighting for my photos. I quickly dropped my bags, jumped on the bed, and decided to unwind with some good ol reality television. I also ordered room service since I forgot to eat, apparently that happened to me a lot when I work all day.  I ordered a three course meal basically and ate the entire thing myself. I quickly got ready after I finished and headed downstair to meet my best friend for Happy Hour.

The next day I went to the pool to layout and catch up on some emails. Since the weather has been pretty warm out I just want to sit by the water all day to cool off. The pool area was so cute that I just had to snap some photos for you guys! I really enjoyed my stay here and I was pretty sad to be checking out. I can’t wait to come back soon!


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