A Day Getaway with Shoedazzle

Dress – Kristinit // Shoes – Shoedazzle // Sunglasses – IVI Vision 

Enjoyed an amazing lunch under the sun with some amazing girls hosted by Shoedazzle. Nothing like good company and good food to make your day. Since lunch was going to be by the beach, I decided to wear an off the shoulder dress by Kristinit (in navy if you couldn’t tell) paired with cork wedges by Shoedazzle. This is such an easy summer look to wear and if you plan on eating a lot like me this flowy dress will help hide that food baby (reasons why I like loose fitting dresses). Below are some photos that pretty much sums up my day =D.

Well thats it for this post. I’m currently working on a “Get To Know Me” post next so if you guys have any questions for me then leave me a comment and I will try to include your question along with an answer on my next post. Thanks for reading and talk to you guys soon.

xx Linh



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