Weedkend Getaway : Travel Light & Right

While this post is sponsored by Target, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own!

The weather we’ve all been anticipating is finally around the corner. Summer is here and its a great time to plan that trip you’ve been waiting for with your friends and family. For me, Memorial Day is the kick off of my Summer vacation and since its a 3-day weekend, its a perfect time to plan a quick getaway. If you guys didn’t already know, I live in Los Angeles, and I love that my city is within driving distance of some pretty great places and attractions. I usually stay pretty local since airport traffic would probably be such a nightmare. My goto places are usually San Diego, San Luis Obispo, and Catalina Island, and if I’m feeling really adventurous I can always drive out to Arizona, Las Vegas, or even San Francisco. The first 3 cities are pretty close, each taking me only 2-3 hours to get to. Right now I’m planning my girls getaway trip to San Diego for Memorial Day weekend and I’ll be showing you guys what I’m taking with me and what I’m wearing. Keep reading for more. 
So for this trip I’m planning to pack light and just take some essentials. Since I’m a blogger, I tend to overpack for all my trips, but I’ve picked up a few tricks and learned how to travel “light.” I’ve learned that I should pack basic pieces that I’m able to transition from day to night, so that way I am able to reuse certain pieces and potentially incorporate them into new outfits. Below I’ve listed what I packed in my luggage and I’ll also be showing you what I’m wearing. 
-White Cropped Top
-Brown Heels
-Black Heels (for a night look)
As for makeup, I’m packing a few essentials for a simple hasslefree makeup look for the weekend. Since I’ll be going to San Diego, minimal makeup is the way to go! I’ve listed a few things that I’ll be packing in my makeup bag! The key is to keep it simple and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. 
-BB Cushion Cream – This offers enough coverage for the day and has SPF 50 to protect your face. 
-Neutrogena Moisturizer (Oil Free) – I’m wearing this moisturizer underneath my makeup to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. 
-Nude Lipstick – Any shade will do. Just bring your goto shade. 
-Nude Lipgloss 
-Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
Skirt – Who What Wear via Target // Jacket – Merona // Bag – Merona via Target // 
Here is a simple day look that I put together. When I’m traveling somewhere with warmer weather, I like to lean towards skirts and dresses. To me, its not comfortable to move around in those conditions wearing pants. This outfit is very versatile and you can choose to wear it however you like. The shoes can be swapped out for sandals if you plan on doing a lot of walking. 
The second look is what I called Sunday brunch attire. I love a good white midi dress that fits in all the right places. One tip that I have for you is to make sure you try on that dress before you buy it. I like my dresses to fit a little loose so I usually size up. Another thing is to make sure the dress isn’t seethrough. Some white dresses are so sheer that they are practically seethrough so be aware of that. It’s happened to me one too many times! I used the same denim jacket that I packed, but I ended up wearing it with a different outfit for a different day. This dress can also easily go from day to night with a simple pair of black heels and maybe a red lipstick. Planning your outfits ahead of time will save you time and help you pack more efficiently. 

For my last look, I decided to wear this little black dress. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I like to pack a variety of dresses and skirts as my outfits because its effortless while getting dressed, and easier for me to move in versus wearing pants. Another reason is that it keeps your body looking well proportioned. If you guys plan on eating a lot throughout the trip, it’s a full proof way to hide that food baby with flowy pieces like this. This will keep you looking good before and after your meal. If flowy dresses don’t give you enough shape, opt for skinny belts to cinch the waistline or tie your jacket around your waist like how I did here. Add a pair of your favorite sandals and your good to go.  
Well, those are all the tips I have planned for you. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful when planning you next 3day getaway. 


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