Taking a Plunge

Jumpsuit – Delacy // Hat – Forevery 21 // Necklace – Forever 21 
Hey Guys! I hope your having a lovely Monday so far. As for me? I am currently on the road to San Francisco at the moment. The drive is about a little over 6 hours away from Los Angeles which isn’t too bad but I decided to head up north on a fun little road trip last minute. Right now my schedule isn’t so busy so it was the perfect time to do something a little spontaneous.
I’ve been to San Francisco a few times before but I can’t remember the last time I drove up there. In the last few days I’ve been doing my research on places that I want to go,things I wanted to do, and the places that I wanted to eat at, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few things. I can’t wait to check out these places and take a bunch of photos. This trip wasn’t very well thought out (since I decided to go last minute) but were just gonna go with it and try to make the best out of it. I’ll be in SF with my best friend for 5 days (So if you see me please say HI!!!) this trip is going to kick off my travels for the year. I’ve been following some amazing photographers on Instagram and lately I’ve been feeling so inspired to travel through their photos. Theres so many places that I want to visit this year and hopefully I can slowly start crossing off my list and sharing my travels with you guys. Well its time for me to go since we still have a long way to go… Thanks for reading and I’ll update you guys on my trip as much as I can! 

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