Freshen Up Your Wardrobe For Spring

As a Blogger I spend countless hours in front of my computer. This usually consists of working on posts or coming up with projects that I want to work on. I usually sit down with a pen and paper, my laptop, and some snacks (my favorite are these thinkThin® Protein Bites in Peanut Butter), and start jotting down ideas on what my next project will be. I like to keep snacks on hand just in case I end up spending the majority of my day working. Snacks that are high in protein give me more energy and keep me focused so that I’m able to think and brainstorm new ideas.
I like to incorporate a little bit of everything into my blog to keep it interesting and fun. I recently picked up on the Dropped Frayed Denim trend and decided to do a fun DIY on an old pair of denim. The DIY is just 3 easy steps and can be done on an old pair of jeans so you can save some $$$. 
* Scissor
* Tweezers
* Old pair of jeans
1. Grab a pair of old denim and draw a line straight across the bottom of the jeans. Make sure to try the jeans on to determine the crop length.
2. Grab the scissors and cut across your line on the bottom of the jeans.

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