Casual Friday

T-Shirt + Denim Skirt + Denim Jacket – Cotton On // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban // Boots – Kenneth Cole
Casual Friday calls for a denim on denim look. I recently stepped into a Cotton On at the mall and I’m really loving all of their pieces. I found the perfect denim jacket to add to my collection (like I needed anymore denim jackets), and also found a great denim wrap skirt that was the perfect length. I also picked up this Kurt Cobain band tee as well since the fit is so nice. Before I purchase anything I have to try it on since sizing for every brand is different. I realized that this rule saved me so much time and money! I’m the type of person that likes to buy things on a whim, but I end up getting really lazy or I tend to forget to return it. Now my closet if full of clothes that I would actually wear and in case you haven’t noticed I’m sticking to mainly basics from now on. Well I’m off to do some more work. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you guys soon.

xx Linh

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