Coachella : Weekend One Recap

Hey guys!! I know I haven’t been posting all week but Coachella got the best of me. I’ve been very exhausted since I got back and I also came down with a cold as well. I really wanted to get this post ASAP but I’ve been dying just a little in bed. Today I’m home and feel much better so I thought I should get this post up today. 
This is my first time ever attending the festival. I normally head to the desert for the parties and events, but this year I thought I should buy tickets to the festival. I was not sponsored by a company to go whatsoever but paid out of my pocket to attend the festival with my friends. Since weekend two is happening now I thought I would post my experience and a few tips for any first timers like myself that will be attending this weekend. 
I headed to the desert super early on Friday around 7am. We loaded the car with our bags and made a quick stop for coffee. After we were caffeinated we headed to the Palm Desert where we were staying for the weekend. Our friends rented an Air BnB (which was such a gorgeous house) and we shared the house with 15 people. 
After we arrived to the house we unpacked and decided to lounge around before heading to the festival grounds. The first day we got there it was super windy and I definitely wasn’t prepared for it at all. Other than the wind the weather wasn’t bad and I enjoyed my first day at the festival. We caught some awesome sets and ended our night with Jack U (which was hands down the best set!). On Saturday morning we woke up and had some Mc Donald’s breakfast. We were all so hungry and devoured the food in minutes, then we got dressed and headed out. We stopped by the Revolve party for a bit, I wasn’t expecting the party to be that crowded at all. We stayed there for a bit and left soon after to enjoy the rest of our night at the festival. We ate, we drank, and we enjoyed some awesome music under the stars. I think I danced away all night and didn’t want to leave. As day three approached I was pretty sad that it was the last day. We packed our things and enjoyed one last day at the festival. We all stayed till the very last set with Calvin Harris before we went home. Calvin Harris brought out Rhianna in the middle of his set and no joke the crowd freaked the F**k out. It was the highlight of the whole weekend. Coachella ended up with a firework show and it was time to go home. This was hands down the best weekend of my life and I’m so glad I got to enjoy it with some of my close friends. I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos so here are the ones from my phone. I hope you guys enjoy. Well I need to pack and head out for weekend 2. See you guys in the desert! 
1. Sunscreen and lots of it! – make sure you guys reapply. getting burned is the worst thing ever!
2. Bandana – to cover your face from the dust. trust me you’ll need it.
3. Hat – to protect your face from the scorching hot sun.
4. Sunglasses – to protect your eyes duh! =D
5. Portable Charger – just incase you lost them and just want to KIT later when you do get service.
6. Sneakers – I made a bad mistake by wearing sandals and I got stomped on over and over again. Sneakers are your best bet! its more comfortable than booties. 
xx Linh

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  1. April 25, 2016 / 1:15 pm

    So completely jealous! I've always wanted to go to Coachella. Hopefully, one year, I'll be able to! Saw all your photos on instagram and it looks so fun! 🙂

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