A Day in Venice Beach

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If you guys follow me on snapchat (@LinhWinnn) then you already know that I probably go to Target about once or twice a week. I tend to make numerous trips to Target for all my households needs, including groceries, cosmetics, and miscellaneous things since I like to browse through all the aisles. I don’t know if you guys noticed yet, but Target is really stepping up in the clothing & accessories department, not to mention the cute bikini selection. I probably bought about 6 swimsuits from them in the last month and I don’t think I’m stopping anytime soon. 
In my last post with Target I talked about having a #NOFOMO attitude for the upcoming swimsuit season. I’ve mentioned that I’ve had body insecurities growing up and how they were hard for me to overcome until recently. I want to continue my #NOFOMO pledge with Target by enjoying a girls day at one of my favorite beaches with my friend/photographer Azusa. We both decided to take the day off and that means no answering emails or anything work-related. The weather was warm out and we enjoyed a nice walk up and down the Venice Boardwalk to check out what was going on. Venice Beach is definitely an interesting place since you never know what will be going on; I always seem to enjoy myself. I walked around for a few hours, grabbed a fresh young coconut and enjoyed it on the beach while lying on the sand under a palm tree.
From my recent trip to Target I found the perfect red bikini. I normally don’t wear red often but when one of my favorite swimsuit styles comes with the perfect shade of red I had to get it. I grabbed the bikini along with this crochet cover-up, and a straw tote bag that I just couldn’t pass up. I wasn’t expecting to buy a full look, but when I tried everything on at home it looked pretty good together. I ended up wearing this full look to the beach and I really felt good in it. When you find something that works for you body you just feel like a million bucks in it. Take the #NOFOMO pledge with me and post a photo in your bikini doing what you love this summer! (Tag #NOFOMO #TargetStyle)
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