NYFW Recap : Part 1

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I made my way out to New York for my 5th season of New York Fashion Week this year. With a few seasons under my belt, I still felt the pressure and stress. I’ve been planning two months in advance for this trip, booking my hotel, reserving my spot for shows that I wanted to attend, and make appointments with showrooms and brands that I planned on work with. On top of everything, I had to plan my outfits for each day too, it was getting ridiculously cold in New York so I had to plan accordingly. Despite the workload, I had so much fun prepping, and planning things out.

Packed and ready to go, my photographer, Azusa and I took our flight at red eye. I normally arrive to New York during the first day of fashion week (And if you didn’t know, some people don’t) and this time around it was FREEZING! As soon as I’m off the plane, it’s off to work, but of course I have to take a quick nap (who doesn’t need a nap, am I right? GOT TO GET ENERGIZED) and then it’s time to get ready for my first show. With so much traffic, I try my best to arrive early, in order to do a quick shoot of my outfits right before the show begins. 

New York Fashion Week schedules can be hectic, but on my first day I like to take it easy, and slowly ease in to the craziness. Attending a maximum of three shows, I usually end my night with a good feast in the city on the first day. As the rest of fashion week continues, my day usually just consist of a good cup of coffee to get me running and attend more shows and visit brands and showrooms, but with so much going on I forget to eat (I know, workaholic habits).

This time around, my trip to New York was for both business and leisure. Convincing a few of my friends to join me on this trip, I was able to spend some quality time with them in one of my favorite cities. We went all over New York City. We walked the entire Brooklyn Bridge and ate at amazing places. I had even prepared myself with a small checklist of things to do and eat with my friends. I’m pretty proud to say that we completed almost 80% (now that’s an accomplishment HA!) while braving the cold streets of New York.

So sad that the trip to New York had to come to an end, this trip was one for the books for sure! Definitely won’t be forgetting all the little moments that happened. I had a blast and cannot wait till my next trip! I Hope you guys like my little recap of my trips from shows, sites, food, and outfits. 
The Desigual show was my first show of Day 1 and the pieces were amazing. I chose my favorite top 3 looks to show you guys. Photo Credit – Getty Images
Coat – Oak // Faux Fur Jacket – BooHoo // Scarf – Forever 21 // Jeans – ASOS // Booties – Zara
Under the Brooklyn Bridge
1 Front Street
Brooklyn, New York 11202
This was a must try when in New York City. The pizza was amazing! We ordered 1 small and 1 large… can you guys guess which is which? They were both huge to me but it was so good we finished everything between 4 people. 



  1. February 26, 2016 / 4:24 am

    sounds like a great trip… someday I wanna attend NYFW too, hopefully soon!
    the pictures are amazing btw, the outfit too.

    lu | Coco & Louis

  2. February 27, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    It was such a great trip minus the brutally cold weather but over all really fun. NYFW is definitely an experience. I really do hope you will make it one of these seasons. who know we will probably fun into eachother =D.

  3. February 27, 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Fashion week is definitely something that I've always dreamed about. I really hope you do make it out one of these seasons and if you do definitely let me know. I would love to meet up other fellow bloggers. Thanks for the sweet comment on my makeup. I thought it was only appropriate to wear dark tones for fall. =D

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