Holiday Glam with Target

While this post is sponsored by Target, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own!

As we all know, during the holidays us girls love to get all dolled up to see friends and family! I don’t know about you guys, but during this time of year I feel like I have so many parties/events to attend, whether it’s with friends or family or work-related, and at times it can get pretty stressful.
I always want to look my best when it comes to special occasions, but lately I’ve been pretty busy with work and haven’t been able to do any personal shopping for myself. I like to make my usual weekly run to Target (says every other girl!) for all my household needs, and I always find myself in the beauty aisle checking out new and old products just to see if I need anything. I love me some Sephora from time to time, but y’all know that can really add up, so drugstore products are my daily go-to essentials. 
Target probably has the best display and makeup collection when it comes to drugstore products. I love that everything is so well organized in every aisle, and let’s not forget how well lit the aisles are as well! This is really helpful when you’re shopping for makeup, so you are able to see the shade of the product. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, Target now has a professional beauty concierge
Just in case you guys don’t know what a beauty concierge is, it’s a makeup professional who can answer any questions you have about certain products. In my experience, the reps are very helpful, and I love the fact that I’m able to have some assistance when I’m feeling a little lost or deciding what I want to purchase. From my last visit here, I remembered the rep saying that they also hold events on beauty products and seminars. All I had to do was check out the event schedule online. 
My Experience
I decided to attend the Holiday Beauty Event at my local Target from 12 to 4 p.m. The beauty reps were showing us the top products for the holidays. They explained to us what each product is for and how to use it. If we had any other questions, we were able to ask away and they happily answered them. They even had some products for testers, so we were able to test certain products if we wanted to. They also gave us some beauty demos for holiday glam. I was able to observe them and pick up products that they suggested. 

My makeup routine is usually pretty repetitive and nothing crazy. Even though it’s the holidays, I like to keep my makeup minimal and maybe work in a dark lip. I created my own holiday look using the products and tips that I picked up from the event. 


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