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Cheak out my feature with DOGEARED HERE along with my curated selects for the Holidays
Oh the Holidays… My favorite time of year. Time to take a step back from everything in life and really enjoy this time with your loved ones. I’ve partnered up with DOGEARED for the Holidays to show you guys how I wear my DOGEARED accessories and what I choose to  #GiftHeart to my friends and family. Whats so special about Dogeared accessories is that each gift is really personal  and I feel like it represents everyone personally. The brand represents stories, happy moments, milestones, and experiences which we all went through at some point in our life. Check out what I hand selected to give to myself, and my friends/family for the Holidays. I also did a fun quick Q&A with with DOGEARED if you guys were interested in reading. I hope you guys like this post and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Describe your personal style? Can you tell us whats inspiring you this season?
My personal style consists of classic pieces that are easy to wear! Since I’m always on-the-go and I want to look put together and chic, I tend to stick to a monochromic neutral palette (as seen on my blog). Although lately, I’ve been inspired by the 70’s trend this season. I’m loving the different prints, patterns, fringe, bell bottoms, and so much more from this decade. I’m slowly learning to try new looks and step outside my comfort zone, and so far it’s been great!

Go, watch, eat, wear….Whats you favorite thing to do? (must be the holidays)

Definitely going to Disneyland! With the holiday season, all the decorations are just so magical, especially the lights and fake snow! I feel like I’m a kid again when I go, and I always look forward to going every year during the holidays.

This movie is a classic that EVERYONE has watched or needs to watch: Home Alone. I grew up watching it all the time, and always imagined myself in the main character’s situation and what I would do. It’s a timeless film, and puts you in a festive mood.

My friends know I eat a lot, but what I eat the most during the holidays are white chocolate-covered Oreos. If you haven’t tried it, YOU MUST. They’re absolutely delicious.

Don’t judge me, but I wear onesies and ugly sweater when I’m in the holiday spirit. You know you guys do it too!

Most importantly, what I love to do is plan my Christmas gift list for all the people in my life that I’m grateful for. I like to spoil my family and friends this time of year, since I’m more of the giving type, rather than receiving.

How do you add heart to your holidays? What are uniquely you holiday tradition? 

I like to do things that lead up to Christmas like putting up a tree, decorating it, and shopping for presents. I love shopping at outdoor malls like the Glendale Americana and enjoy seeing all the lights and decorations. Things like this just puts me in the mood. 

My holiday traditions are very simple! I normally celebrate with my family and also my boyfriend. I’m Vietnamese, so our tradition is to go to church together as a family and open presents when we’re home. My boyfriend is Chinese, so his side of the family celebrates Christmas with a big feast. This day for me just involves a lot of eating and spending quality time with family. 


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