Sweater – Express // Jeans – ASOS // Hat – Nike // Boots – Public Desire
Don’t you guys think its hard to come by a sweater that fits us perfectly?!?! it’s always a hit or a miss when it comes to knitwear, and you literally have to shop around for the person one!! Azusa and I recently went on a quick shopping trip at the mall and popped into Express. The mannequins in the window really caught our eye and we ended up spending an hour or two in stores trying on clothes. Azusa walked out with a full outfit and I scored this amazing Hi-lo sweater. We couldn’t help ourselves since the entire store was about 40% off for the holidays. I was so excited about this piece so I quickly threw on an outfit and decided to do a quick casual weekend look for you guys! and incase you guys didn’t notice I opted for a cap instead of a beanie. I’m finally adding some new accessories to my wardrobe. Let me know what you guys think of this look =D. 
While this post is sponsored by Express & ShopStyle, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own! 

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