Disneyland Recap

I ended up spending the entire day at Disneyland last Tuesday (From opening to closed) Heres why… I received an email saying that my annual pass is about to expire the week of. Since I am quite busy with work I barely have enough time for myself to really go out. So since I paid for it (and the pass is quite expensive) I thought I would take a day off and head out to Disneyland for a day. 
Disneyland isn’t far from where I live but its quite a drive due to all the traffic so I feel like its only worth it to spend an entire day there. Every time I come I have an itinerary of what I want to eat (what else is new LOLS). I read up on food blogs about Disneyland and just make a list of everything I want to try. I started off with Breakfast at Carnation cafe (and yes I come here only for the MICKEY waffle) and just ended up going on rides and snacking throughout the day. I was only able to snap some photos on the camera and everything else is on my Iphone since its more convenient. I can also tell my boyfriend was getting annoyed with me taking photos so yeah…. I tried to document everything but its hard. Hopefully you guys enjoy these photos. 

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