Holiday Hair & Makeup with Target’s Beauty Concierge

Tis Tthe season to get dolled up for those family gatherings & office parties. During this season I know there is so much going on especially parties and we all want to look our best right?? Well at least for me I do. During the holiday season I like to change up my makeup routine and look a little bit more glamorous for the holiday photos. I don’t really go all out and go crazy with my makeup but I like to add more gold tones to my eye shadow and look for a good shade of red lipstick!  

As usual I would always go for a target run for my usual basic beauty essentials. When I start to play around with makeup and test certain products I don’t like to spend too much money on it so drug store makeup is a good route. The one thing I don’t like about drug store make up is that I’m not able to test it out but luckily there is a new service in the beauty department called the “Beauty Concierge”. Its basically a beauty expert that works in the department and she’s able to answer all you questions about beauty! Its pretty convenient to get a professional’s opinion on drug store makeup. 

I went to my local Target in Pasadena area and met with a beauty concierge name “Lena” you can tell she was the perfect person for job just from her makeup (simply flawless!). I started to talk to her about a simple makeup look for the holidays. I wanted to try a fun eye shadow palette with shimmer but still on the neutral side and she gave me a few suggestions. I also asked her to help me match my skin to a certain foundation that I wanted to try. She was very helpful (which saved me so much time!) and she even helped me find the perfect shade of red lipstick for the Holidays. I was so excited about everything that I picked up! If you guys are ever ping for beauty products at Target and is unsure about certain products then you definitely need to check out the beauty concierge! They will definitely answer all your questions!


While this is a sponsored post by TARGET, all ideas and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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