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Sweater – Bella Luxx // Jeans – Eunina // Shoes – Charles David // Bag – Coach // Watch – MSTR  

I recently started cleaning out my closet again and got rid of everything that I haven’t worn in a while. My closet broke cause I was hoarding way too many items and unfortunately that caused it to collapse. I was pretty sad when I came home to the mess. It literally looked like someone broke into my house and just robbed my closet LOLS! After cleaning up that mess I really went through and thought about every piece and I minimized my wardrobe a lot. As I get older I really want to have my go to pieces that I will wear all the time..  Still trying to build my dream wardrobe one piece at a time. =D.

I’m currently loving this super soft v-neck sweater from Bella Luxx. I scored some pretty good casual pieces that fit me really well. I just need to fine some time to shoot it. When I like a certain brand I become kind of obsessed with them and start making a little collection of everything I like. I’m all about quality over quantity now! Well hope you guys like! Please comment below and LMK! well I’m off now to do some not so fun work! Talk soon xx Linh.



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