Top – Ro & De Noir // Skirt – Poshsquare // Booties – Forever 21 // Bag – Proenza Schouler 

Over the weekend I went to go explore DTLA a bit with my boyfriend Sam. I probably haven’t talked  about him too much on my social media since I didn’t want to get too personal about my life. For those who don’t know we’ve been together for about 5 years now and he is a photographer turned full time videographer. Since we both freelance in different industries we don’t have much time to work with each other hence the reason why I kinda do my own thing. This past saturday was probably the first weekend where I had nothing planned so I ask him to shoot me and help me learn as well. I’m not really use to doing these type of shots but I would love to grow more as a blogger and work on my content as well. Hopefully you guys like these sets of photos/looks and I hope it inspires you guys a bit! I know I’m not the best at posing in photos but I’m working on it =D. Thanks for reading!! Talk soon! xx Linh


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