White T – Urban Outfitters // Jeans – Fidelity  // Shoes – Zara


Happy Friday guys!!!

Today was just too hot to really dress up…. I literally just rolled out of bed like this threw on my GF jeans and my soft basic white tee and ran out the house! I’m currently running around looking for outfits for coachella!! I can’t believe thats its already that time of year again… Not to mention a bunch of fun things are happening as well! I am planning my first blogger luncheon at the end of this month (super excited for that!!), my photographer and bestie’s bday are coming up next week and we all planned a fun trip to Catalina island (it will be my first time there so if you guys have any suggestion on what to do/eat please comment below and let me know), and not to mention its wedding season and my cousin is getting married in NAPA valley (also will be my first time there as well!)!!! These next few weeks are going to be crazy for me but sounds like fun right?!?! If you guys aren’t following me on all my social media then follow me and keep up with me guys!!!


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