Over the weekend I had a few things going on…. I went to the FabFitFun event at a Beverly Hills mansion and it was so much fun. There was food, cupcakes, manis, massages, facials, photobooths and so much more!! They were celebrating the launch of their Summer VIP boxes. The party was definitely a good way to start my weekend!!

The next day I went to the OC fair. I went with my boyfriend, little sisters, and also met up with a few of my friends that lived near there. I was so excited to play some games and most of all the FOOD!! Fair food is so bad for you just because everything is either deep fried or drenched in sauce or sugar, but its still so so good to have once in a while!!

On Saturday it was such a busy day for me! I had my closet sale in the morning and it turned out better then I thought. I really thought nobody would show up let alone shop my closet but surprisingly there was a lot of people there. I really wanted to Thank all the ppl that came out to support me and see me! It really made my heart happy!!! After my closet sale I headed to downtown for tea time to celebrate one of my good friends birthday! We had a breakfast at tiffanys theme going on and it was so much fun to spend some time with my busy girlfriends and catch up. Overall my weekend was jam packed but I enjoyed every bit of it!! Here are some pictures throughout my weekend..

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!!


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