Last Thursday I had the opportunity to host my first event in launching Mdot’s spa collection at Bliss Spa. I’ve been to a good amount of events and this was my first time hosting all on my own!!! I was really nervous that nobody would show up but almost all my friends came and I met so many new people that night! The event was an overall success in my opinion and it was seriously so much fun!! it was like a mini spa day with so many pretty girls and a few good looking guys as well. I live for days like this and this was definitely a good start to the beginning of summer!!! The event offered manicure, oxygen facial, massages, lip scrubs, yummy dessert from Angel Cakepops, champagne, and lets not forget the amazing M dot’s spa collection!!! Here is a recap of all the pretty faces that came and a glimpse of the event. Thank you to all that took the time to come out!!! and if you missed this event there will always be another one.

Have a great week friends!!


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