Dress – American Apparel ( similar HERE  on SALE now!!! ) // Shoes – Isabel Marant (similar HERE ) // Hat – Nastygal // Necklace – Moderntrend by Jessican Fang

Over the weekend I went to Orange County and strolled through one of my favorite places The Camp and across the street is The Lab. This area has some great places to eat and the decor for the plaza is always so cool, creative, and eco friendly. I love meeting up my friends here because its so peaceful and quiet and not to mention the great photo opt spots that they have to offer. I can say I spent a good 5 hours here and I didn’t want to leave!!!!

As I’m writing this post I am currently packing for New York. I finished planning out my itinerary for the weekend and I’m super excited to getaway!! One thing I’m not excited about is the weather! I saw that it will be raining my whole trip there and clearing up on sunday when I leave. I really hope this doesn’t interfere with all of my plans. I’m ready to take NYC and celebrate my birthday!! Follow me on instagram for my daily feed of my trips and I will definitely be posting a lot of great food. Happy Friday guys!!!

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