A few months back I went through a one day juice cleanse. In this type of cleanse what you basically do is replace all of your meals and drinks with juices for one whole day. This was my first time doing it and I definitely did all my research on it before jumping right into it, so I thought I would share my experiences with you guys. 

When doing my research I found that there were so many different cold pressed juicery in LA. The next question was how long did I want to go the cleanse?!?! It seems that so many people in LA go on these juice cleanses for health, detoxifying, and weight loss (especially if done for a long period of time). I decided to go on the one day cleanse just to see if I would feel better about myself overall and I definitely did not go on it hoping to lose weight!

The cleanse : How does it work?!?!

I did my research on pricing for the juice cleanse (since it is super pricy!) and came across Pressed Juicery. They have many locations and offered 1-3-5 day cleanses. For the one day cleanse I paid about $48.50 and that comes with 8 bottles. When you visit their location they really explain everything with you step by step and literally answers all of the questions you have. I was well pleased with the service and I can able to try the juices in store and pick the ones that I liked. I went with a basic detoxifying cleanse. I’m not going to lie these juices were surprisingly really good and I thought to myself this cleanse would be cake! The cleanse had 8 bottles of juices which were 2 green juices, 1 roots juices, 2 citrus, 1 aloe vera water, 1 chlorophyl water, and 1 vanilla almond milk. The plan was to drink a bottle every 2-3 hours in this order 1 green, 1 root, 1 green, 1 root, vanilla almond milk for dinner, aloe vera water before bed and the chlorophyl water was to be sipped on all day. If you felt hungry you were allowed to snack on cucumber or apples.  

I went home and started my cleanse the next day. I started off great and I was feeling great but as the day went by I started to feel really nauseous and uneasy. I started to feel hungry and was ready to crack but I stopped myself from all my temptation to really get through the day since I’ve gone so far already and plus I paid $50 for this so I wanted to really stick through it. After my 7th bottle I felt like I consumed way too much liquid and I really felt like throwing up. I went home and went straight to bed and was so happy I made it through the day. Even though I skipped 1 bottle I still felt pretty good that I stuck to it and I didn’t crack. 

The changes I noticed afterwards are:

– Appetite under control. My hunger seems to be more balanced and stable, so this gives me more control over when and what I want to eat.

– My cravings are reduced. I use to binge all day long but now I don’t have much of an urge for snacking as much anymore. I only get cravings here and there. 

– My body in general feels lighter and revitalized after this. Although I didn’t lose any weight I do overall feel better about myself. 

I personally chose the one day juice cleanse because it was easy for me to incorporate in my daily routine and probably easier for me to stick through since I am a beginner. I really loved the results of juicing and I think I will have to do one again soon.

Hope this helped you guys!! I will definitely try a 3 day juice cleanse soon and let you guys know how that goes!

Have a great week!!


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